Evolution of this game.

We need more goals.
Build bridges to access new places on a map.
Build villages, take a specific vehicle to a specific place to unlock new vehicles needed to pass certain areas.
A timer or a limited number of timbers for sawmills.
New resources such as iron and stone from mines for villages or others.
This game is really not bad but it lacks ambitions, money and maturity.

I really agree with this. we need more goal without making it a construction game but construct bridge is awesome. this game is already a transportation game +1 for more resource. and why not ressource production, like cut the timber in delimited cutting rights zone. then transport them to mill and carry process woods plank in a warehouse.

  • Dump trucks
  • Bulldozers for making roads by removing mud, sand, obstacles, trees etc
  • Mobile bridges (here an example - modification to the old game)
    alt text
    I have many ideas, the only question is how much allows the game engine?

more variety of tasks, like salvage and tow back a lost container or broken car.

dump trucks in siberia? lol i don't think so.

Bridges would be cool but since they can't synchronize simple headlights for MP I can't imagine doing the same with a complete complex bridge.

@clarionhorn And who said that the game must be limited to Siberia only?

@knight25 There are some good ideas in your comment! I also thought about road-clearing and path making missions. Like a map starts in an after-storm scenario and the player has to remove the fallen trees blocking the road leading to the saw-mill. Or transporting workers from the edge of the map to a lumber yard in an AWD bus. I think this game would be a very good platform to have more kinds of missions and tasks.

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