Multiplayer suggestions

Game is great like old Spintires, happy to see it on PS4 now since I cannot play on PC anymore. Multiplayer mode is also good new feature, however there are some problems with it, some of those points probably already been mentioned in forum topics, but I'll try to summarise and maybe add some new suggestions concerning multiplayer experience:

  • Lobby search: Most annoying thing is refresh rate, it's hard to get to bottom of list in search of wanted map and mode because refreshing is way to fast. Making it slower or even manual-only refresh would be better. I also suggest adding some filters for map/casual/hardcore and option to hide full games, so players don't have to scroll all those unsorted lobbies. Really, what's the point to see so many 4/4 rooms in there.

  • Communication: There is no communication except voice chat (and truck horn lol). I suggest adding at least template-based chat like in many team games with phrases like: Need winch help/Out of fuel... etc.

  • Map info: It lacks information about other players on map like trucks they are currently driving + their addons and log carriage, not just their nicks and routes.

  • Servers: I know this can be hard to fix technically, but it's getting frustrating when server player leaves the game and it's over. Would be better if server status moved to other player.

P.S. I mentioned all this about PS4 version, dont' know if XONE or PC versions are different.

On lobbysearch Im with you. (ok Im not using it cause i do invites via steam)

Pc has a normal chat. Due to the fact that we are playing with a Keyboard and console gaming wasnt the focus on Spintires in the first way. BUT I have to say that I love the voicechat.

The Server thing is not possible I think cause the files are stored on player1 (the server so to say). Just a guess


Console Privat / Friends only room make free vehicle choice
Console get choice what vehicle someone player want.

Thank you

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