Trailing maps

Hi i know there a lot in the process and some will be out soon but has anyone come across any good trailing maps ?

me and few buddies have tried Offroad_Kalimantan_Map_v1.0 which is very challenging ...

anybody come across any nice ones ?

If you have the 4GB memory patch, grab Blackwater Canyon...
If you don't have the patch, you should be able to find it here.

i have the 4gb patch not seen blackwater canyon tho mate ? can u link me

the one i come across has extra files then the levels one will it work online ?

Custom maps + multiplayer = jumping through hoops
I don't MP, but I'm sure you can find the info here somewhere...
Seen a few guys mention JSGME, but I've never even seen it let alone used it, sorry.

ahh never mind yeah it dont work in multi and it was built for the test version i'll wait patiently for the trails maps 🙂

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