SNOW / wood cutting - IDEA !

integrate snow and ice in dlc or update in Spintires Mudrunner and wood cutting options to load your truck.

no we dont need this to go FS17 because it would go very wrong

@anonomus-person (Olivier Chabot is my friend, I was there when he wrote this) His idea is to have cutting zone instead of the log kiosque. You would NOT be able to cut any tree because that would be too easy ( you could create easy paths or take logs right next to the lumbermill)so does that change your opinion? (we are both french-canadian so sorry for the english)

Community Moderator - Spintires

This game is about driving and don't feel it like something that needs change.
Some people, who actually do logging, complain even about manual loading, because it keeps them from actual driving.
Some don't even do logging and just roam around with mud crawler buggies.
This game is quite high-end in very specific way (mud, water enviroment physic in general) and adding more stuff to care about will definitely not help with debugging current game and keep it clean for future.
Yes, I am completely for improving game, but this seems too new. At least for now, completely new playground to care about is not a good idea.

Fair enough, what i really want anyway is just more awesome official maps!

Community Moderator - Spintires

More maps, more trucks, more objects, in general: more LEGO bricks to play with 🙂

Some snow would be great idea!

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