Importing truck mods into Blender?

Hi there, new guy here. Uhm, I have a bit of a dilemma, so I'm wanting to import a model that's already been packaged(?) and exported as a complete mod, back into Blender. I've already read some modding guides about making a mod and using Blender to Export, but I want to do the opposite.

I know that Spintires uses the directx format, and I have gotten the importer addon for Blender (using 2.78), but when I try to import, it gives me some Runtime error, it might be on Blender's side, or something that I did wrong, or what, but it's gotten me stumped. Anyone know any ideas?

this was answered already and no, its not possible to export from Spintires extensionless file to blender (or to anything really) because of the recoding done by the editor when uploaded to Steam Workshop