HEALTH HAZARD FOR EPILEPTICS! Smoke grenades. Fix fast.

Yeah so, as an epileptic I can't play the game because of the smoke grenades starting a strobo effect if you run through them. The smoke effect is clipping like hell. I know, before someone says epileptics shouldn't play video games, the seizures trigger from different settings. Fix the strobo effect since I really don't wanna play PvP anymore due to smokes. It's not an issue with my PC since no other games give this.


CPU - Intel i5 6600k
RAM - HyperX 16GB DDR4 2666mhz
SSD - Samsung 240GB
HDD - Seagate 2TB
PSU - Corsair 650W

@lakku Yeah, I experienced the same thing, but it's not constant.

I understand that this problem would be fixed soon since I believe that the developers are playtesting their own game, especially in its BETA2 stage, but this problem would cause unnecessary health hazards for unexpected players prone to epileptics, so this needs to be fixed.

It's constant for me 😕 It truly sucks that I can't enjoy playing the PvP mode and the Coop gets boring since I enjoy playing Push mode much more. I hope the devs see this post and get around a quick fix. Epilepsy can trigger from different settings, stress, tiredness, lights, flashing strobo effects, low blood sugar etc. Just when I was playing I got that shitty feeling that a seizure was about to come so I had to get medications and stop playing right away. Otherwise I'm fine with all video games but dang was that smoke mortars some terrible stuff for me.