Devil's Brigade is looking for members!

Devil's Brigade is a North American, community-centric clan formed by both new and seasoned veterans to FPS, Survival and many other games
especially in the mil-sim genre (Squad, Post Scriptum, RTS Games etc.) Our members enjoy playing in a casual but structured environment.

Devil's Brigade Website (Apply Here)

We pride ourselves on having established a friendly community that strives for the best. My favorite part of our community is our members are always willing to teach newcomers to the games we support and placing the utmost importance on team play. If you are looking for a community that's competitive and cares more about it's members and the great experiences that come from social gaming you've looked in the right place.

Feel Free to join us in our discord at the bottom of our website!

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Still Active and Still Here

Come try us out on Discord. Link and more details can be found at

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