HQ Radio for commander

So we can all relate then when playing as commander, either there are no observers or the observers are rushing to frontline leaving you useless. You could try asking him to meet you but that doesn't happen a lot. So I have an solution for this which exist in Red orchestra series.

So here is how it works.

When using the binoculars as a commander, instead of the current instant call in you instead just mark the drop zone on the map.

After you've marked the location on the map with binoculars you need to either find an observer/radioman and press the USE key to order him to call in the strike. And If he isn't present near you, you can then walk back to the HQ which would be the spawn point or if not it would be the end of the map in your last checkpoint. In the HQ there would be a stationary Radio which basically is a non player "observer".

This method is very balanced since if no observer is present you have to run back all the way to the radio which has the potential to leave your current Mark useless if you take way to long.

And by having a non instant call in with binoculars will also make it less stress full by chasing the observer to quickly bring up the binoculars and if unlucky be in bad position and be unable to call in something.

//Cheers Soviet monk.

I really like the idea of being able to call in air support using the map instead of the binos. I feel this is a somewhat obvious solution which has been overlooked.