Nvidia's DLSS antialiasing is basically a method of supersampling images using AI on the new Turing cards. It advertises supersampling 1080p into 4K while looking even better than native 4K with TAA antialiasing.

I was thinking that the devs could potentially use this method to supersample the area inside scopes only, so that everything in the scope can be displayed at 2x the size of everything outside the scope, without losing too much detail. It would be like Insurgency2's low scope quality without the blurring.

With this hypothetical setting, 2x scopes would display exactly like High quality, just supersampled. 4x and 7x scopes would have the area outside the scope displayed as 2x and 3.5x magnification with the area inside getting the same double supersampling to get the 4x and 7x zoom. I think it would look amazing if the devs could pull this off. It would be especially great for native resolutions of 1440p and 4K (esp. if you're trying to push 144Hz) which potentially can't handle High scope quality very well even with those brand new cards. Thoughts?

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