Coop suggestion

Command supports are useless in offensive situation except auto-target supports that targets enemy at near area. Checkpoint transition is too fast.

Supports are used in checkpoints and they are safe because everyone can stay in building and hold for 1min and 30 sec. No penalty for spam.

AI's spawn mainly in one direction. They do not flank often and they always shout or scare when they see players in their sight. I can soundplay and pinpoint enemies behind my back and shoot before they shoot me. They should be more quiet and kill players that do not watch their side. Players should listen to AI's gunfires, mumbles, and footstep, not their shouts most of the time.

AI should hard flank to attackers attack points. They should spawn in multi - areas and hold buildings as attackers approach. They should not all follow attackers' gunshots and scout out forward to all players. Some should hold in buildings, some stop when they hear gunshots, and some should scout to flanks and fire attackers (maybe add one silencer or two).

Not all AI should hard breach in checkpoints. They can just open and do limited breachings at door and shoot players. They can chuck grenade (no molo) and smoke/flash outside to windows. They can go around the check point (that team is holding) and do suppressive fires to walls and windows.

Maybe, make it so no AI will hurt from their own support calls. Only in coop.

Gunner should not get out when he's being fired or shot.

More AI snipers.

Maybe random spawn AIs at the roof and let it shoot it from above (buildings are mainly 1F -2F but almost no ladders to rooftops).

More RPG.

If there's thin metallic wall (with smoke), sometimes AIs will not go around but go directly to insurgent (to wall). Saw it when I spectated insurgent wiping out all US AIs because of that.

Decrease time duration on IED explosion triggering. IED AI should shout as he explode, and no allah akbar (mod can do that).

There's feature in insurgency 2 custom mod server where if you don't shoot IED's head, IED will still explode in dead body.

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Same, I feel fire support is sometimes less effective than day of infamy. Probably larger maps