I have all 3 gamemodes checkmarked but most often I end up in Firefight games. I love the pace of the gamemode and the tactics.... or rather, I used to. Firefight should only be available in cmpetitive mode in my opinion. 80-95% dont know the game mode and it totally ruins it. People just camp and protect Alpha from start and dont do anything to help capture and revive teammates. Of course I could just uncheck it and move on, but I like the mode and would love to see it being played as intended. I see a lot of comments of how they dont understand the gamemode or that it sucks. And "Firefight" as name for the mode might also be a bit misrepresenting to what the mode is mostly about..... capturing objectives. I see many play it as if it was "deathmatch". I absolutely love the point system which rewards the ones who plays the objectives, but it doesnt seem to help as many are occupied with their K/D ratio.
Other than that I totally love the game as a whole so far and I know it will be brilliant when its been finetuned.