~ 40% of GPU and ~ 40% of CPU


Game only use ~ 40% of my GPU and ~ 40% of CPU

how to fix it ?

spec rtx 2080 i7 4790k 16GB ram

@omen07 said in ~ 40% of GPU and ~ 40% of CPU:

~ 40% of my GPU

lmao man u gotta tell me how you're doing it... all of us out here with like 99% usage

It might be bad optimization for the RTX platform considering its basicly a month old.... but then the CPU at 40%, is it just OP af and can run this game without maxing out? or is the game doing what it does best and use all 16gb of ram thus making your CPU wait to be feed new info thus making you GOU wait for more info so both are only at around 40%? congradulations I guess, mines at 100% in the fucking main menu lol

@zucchini said in ~ 40% of GPU and ~ 40% of CPU:

mines at 100% in the fucking main menu lol

lmao yea

on the menu 99% GPU and 30% CPU and highest / high settings ( 1440p Asus ROG SWIFT PG279Q monitor )~~ 140 fps somtimes lot more. In game crazy fps 40-120, GPU max usage to 40% occasionally to 58%, cpu max 30-40%. In the menu this game uses the capabilities of the equipment in the game does not use even half.

I reinstalled the system, nothing has changed.
I tested in other games and everything is ok. Squad, PUBG, Quake Champions, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, GRW, Hunt: Showdown works great.

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1050 ti / fx6300 lowest settings, 1080p (everything low or off), 50% GPU 50% CPU. I get below 45fps and it stutters every 2 seconds

Update, after the last patch the game got a lot of optimization. Thank you now I can play in high settings at ~ 100fps

They removed the 400mb limit thing. rip vram usage pegged at 100% again.