Graphical Options that break gameplay

as a huge fan of insurgency and day of infamy, I am unaware if the ragdoll setting in the graphics menu changes the amount of corpses and or limbs present. PLEASE do not make an option to lower the amount of bodies lying around, its immersion breaking for people with higher end systems when the enemies body count is much lower and can easily scope out an area. It also breaks the system of confirming kills when a player can simply lower the setting for the competitive advantage. I am still unaware of what this setting does to be honest, but please make sure there is a level playing field on that part of this game. Also, a small complain I have is the blur mechanic when sprinting into a crouched position. Thank you.

I don't think you understand the setting properly, This is a client side change, I can set my rag-doll count to high and I will see body for longer, While someone else can set their setting to low and see rag-dolls for shorter periods of time, It doesn't effect how long your body stays for.

Ragdolls are completely client-side meaning that they do not replicate for other players.

This results in ragdolls being at different poses or positions for different clients, also this is no different than Ins Source or DoI including client side option to change ragdoll number.