Host our own games

Hi devs !

Just wanted to know if, as players, we would be able to host games on our computers to play with friends only ?
I mean, without the need to rent a server. Using nothing but our computers.

I ask that as I usually like to play with one or two friends at once and not being disturbed by randoms.
I remember having duels with my brother in Ins2 when a server was empty. It was fun, but someone always joined sooner or later.

Spot on Grumf. This has been a shortcoming of the entire insurgency series. The previous games had this feature, if you could align the stars correctly. Hopefully they get this implemented in Sandstorm soon.

That'd be great, yeah. Plus, it guarantees that even when servers close down, we can still play online.

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but your internet is not the same as a backbone internet

@powerbits Indeed. But it still works fine in many other games. When you play with a friend of your that lives in the same city as you and with a good internet connection too, it's pretty decent.

I've spent this whole afternoon playing The Forest with my brother and a friend. The friend hosted the game. Worked without any problems.