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Hello guys.
I play many shooters and almost all of them have a forum section (or atleest a topic) where fans can share their vids, screenshots and all other stuff connected with the game, ofc made by fans. Sorry if I'm blind but I didn't find anything like that here and as a huge fan of this game (I just love the immersion) I thought it would be nice to encourage everyone to create cool vids, artworks, wallpapers etc. basically anything that can convince more people that this game is worth buying. I created some gameplay/thoughts about BETA/Tips & Tricks videos but they are in Polish so I guess you won't be interested ;p but yesterday I finnished my first montage for Insurgency Sandstorm and it's a No Comment video just cinematic gameplay.
I know it's not perfect but I need some more time to master a game than some of you ;p so please go easy on my skill because it's not the point. Point is I wanted to show some cool action that I love in this game and want to create more in the future (with better scenes I hope) so if you could check it out and maybe hit a like button to help me reach more people I'd be verry grateful.
I admit it is some form of "like begging" 😉 but I also really want this game to succede so I really mean that when I say "create more fan content" 😉


Youtube Video

Episode 2
I hope you'll enjoy it 😉

Youtube Video

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Here's my newest montage. Hope you'll enjoy 😉

Youtube Video

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