Post Update Feedback + Blurry Optics

Overall framerate and smoothness has generally improved for me (Laptop ROG G751).

I still notice some drops when a lots of character models are around (in the truck when start a mission or in spawnzone for instance).

TTK and Hit Registration seem worse to me now. Don't know which one is the culprit but it feels like it takes longer to take down enemies. Don't think it's my Internet lagging since I now have steadier 50-70 ms.

Big annoyance though comes from the optics, especially the x1.5 Insurgent side. When I crank Scope Details to High, this particular optic is blurry, like looking at the bottom of a glass. I don't think it's intentional... Setting it to "Low" however makes it better.

And another annoying thing I forgot to mention : textures keep refreshing every time I move into a new area or once I'm dead and switching between players on the Dead Cam. Don't know if it's a cache problem since my setting in that regards is on High as well...