Request: Brightness setting & Night missions (later on)

A request of mine would be to have an option for brightness in-game. Right now a lot of outdoor areas are a bit blown out. Just having some optional settings for brightness and contrast would be neat.

A request for later updates, would be to add night missions again, preferably also ones specified on stealth and sniper combat. You have an amazing function in the game where you can shoot through walls with certain caliber weapons. I would love to have a mission where you can spot enemies, line up, and shoot them through the wall.

This could be done in such a way that earlier maps now have a night model, like in the first game, but then maybe just a local play mission where you focus on sniper gameplay, a more cinematic experience. I understand this might not work as well for COOP multiplayer, but having the option would be nice.

Totally support the return of night maps.

As for the the offline night missions, I guess it would be cool, but I don't see the devs spending time on such a feature. I would however like to see more map variety and some of them with more sniping/support positions, alongside weather effects.

The dream would be a map in snowy mountains with pine trees and snow falling from the sky. Kinda like a crossover between Heights & Peak from Insurgency 2. I would kill for something like this. It would be so good looking with the Unreal Engine. Wouldn't even need technicals to be fun. I mean, just because Sandstorm can make big enough maps so that they have room for vehicles doesn't mean every single map should have one.

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