More maps, more scopes, more game modes...

I think the title say's it all but.. to elaborate. I really enjoy the game, but it still feels like it is lacking. We need more maps. Maybe bring back some of the old maps but above that... introduce a map or two that are urban city maps. Maybe even some jungle or woods maps. Every map doesn't have to be some craphole town in iraq guys. It would be nice to change it up. I like the game. The guns feel good & realistic. The damage & hit markers feel good. The game is starting to run a lot smoother. Now we need some content. The customization is a bit weak. We need more scopes & sights to choose from. Plus the game modes get boring pretty quick. You guys should consider doing a bomb plant/defusal game mode or a hostage rescue gamemode or something else tactical where you have one life for the round besides just firefight.. Anyway.. Just my 2 cents for what's it worth. thanks guys.

@hossfxr I concur for the most part. The game needs more optimization. This should absolutely be priority #1. They need to get it working as intended firstly then the other stuff can come. That being said I truly and whole heartedly love my one life no respawn game modes and these are still a must for me for this game to really stand the test of time once again “for me”. #Shoutout#VIPLIVESMATTER

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