Crash with blue/purple screen

Hi guys,
can anyone help with these blue/purple screen crashings I´m experiencing?
My system:
Nvidia GTX1070 (8GB)
16 GB RAm 1600 MHz
Win 10 64x
Intel i7-2600K @4.4 GHz
I don´t know where to find the crash log.


Tried checking files with steam and reinstalling EAC. Still getting BSOD with purple screen.

BSOD is caused by system/driver/hardware failure meaning that either your operating system, one or more of your drivers or your hardware malfunctioned.

Also post a screenshot of it (you can for example use you camera to take a picture of your physical screen).

Thank you for the feedback Arc.
It is not BSOD crash (windows type). When it crashes it looks like in the attached picture and you have to restart the pc, since keyboard commands don´t work.
It is sandstorm specific, I haven´t seen it in other games/applications.


Visual artifacts like this are caused by hardware failure of the graphics device.

You can try stress testing your GPU by using Furmark Burn-in mode and watch the temps, otherwise lower clocks of GPU and memory, and check if your PSU is delivering enough power (also check power cable for the graphics card).