Some Little Simplified Chinese Translation Issues

Here's a list about some in-game words and their simplified Chinese translations, followed by reasons about why am I thinking that they are not correctly translated:

  • Hold A - 长按A (not only in point A, just for example): "长按" is "hold", but only when you say something like "hold this button". When I captured a point and saw "长按A" for the first time, I was really holding A of my keyboard, until I realized that my object is "defend point A", not "hold button A". So the word "防守" or "坚守" (meaning "defend") may be a better option;

  • Flash Hider - 闪光隐藏器: This is actually not wrong, "闪光" is "flash", "隐藏" is "hide" and "器" is "equipment". But we just don't say that phrase in real life. There's already a wildly used word "消焰器" meaning exactly "flash hider";

  • Tracer Rounds - 追踪子弹: This is an odd one, it's actually not wrong too, but phrase like "追踪子弹" could be easily interpreted as "a bullet that is able to track enemy", just like a kind of official aimbot thing. The proper and wildly used Chinese name of tracer rounds is "曳光弹", meaning "a bullet that is able to leave a trace of light";

  • Gunner - 枪手: Just like these words above, this is still not a total wrong. But since "Rifleman" is "步枪手" (which is correct Chinese name of rifleman), and "步枪" (rifle) is a kind of "枪" (it could basically mean any firepower with a caliber equal or lesser than 20mm) in Chinese, the name "枪手" looks like a guy who could use any gun. Maybe this class should be translated as "机枪手" ("machine gunner") to avoid misunderstanding;

  • Slug Rounds - 弹丸: In Chinese the word "弹丸" means almost any spherical projectile, and "slug rounds" for shotgun is generally translated as "独头弹" (single-head bullet).

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Hey @iavas,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I'll forward these issues to the team.