Faction and Companion we know so far.

Yeah but how soon is soon? lol.

Soon is relative haha but I hope it's this month.

I am thinking that the second female companion may be from the Bridge faction? Does it say she was sent to find de Sardet? Is she perhaps the one who appears to be examining de Sardet's Malichor marks on his face, albeit with a weapon? Do we have a name for her yet? Looks like she is the one on the left in the photograph on the Amazon site. Great new video today!


The only female name we have after Siora is Yesora. I presume this is her. I suspect she is from the Bridge Alliance as well, if only because I am expecting the Theleme to either wear priestly cassocks or puritan garb.

Hey Ben where did you get you info

@Nm6k What info you referring to?

@Nm6k From one of game article that release after WHATS NEXT 2019 event.

I hope we get a new companion reveal tomorrow. Two weeks since Kurt!

Just put some info from old thread on this one.

  • The three major cities belong to the merchant, religious and scientists.
  • Navigators "control" the harbours of each city, and Mercenaries have headquarters there too.
  • The Natives live in several villages all across the island.

@Ben-Kenobi Very interesting. I wonder if you will be attacked on sight if you have a very poor relationship with a faction and you go to one of their cities.

I'll be we get Siora or Yesora's reveal next. I wonder if they are sticking with every two weeks for character reveals? I was surprised to see the short, combat game play today. They are definitely ramping up their marketing!