Faction and Companion we know so far.

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  • New female companion appear on story trailer. Name & Faction's unknown but she seem to available to romance with De Sardet (at least Male).

Which part of the trailer is this?

@tudorhousewife It's from 1:30 to 1:32. If you pause it on youtube and press , or . it moves it one frame back or forward, makes analysis a lot easier.

And you can see more of her from :58 to 1:00. I presume she is the one talking.

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She also appear to running with De Sardet and Vasco(?) at 1:17 too.

I hope next companion they plan to release info is her , Vasco or Theleme companion. These three need some clarify.

@Red-Leader @Ben-Kenobi

You two have good eyes, thanks for the details! I'll go and have a look. 🙂

@tudorhousewife Haha thanks, I just wish I knew about this frame by frame trick earlier.

@Ben-Kenobi Good eye, I think I'm gonna frame by frame the entire trailer at some point. I also want to know whats going on at 1:28 because she looks PISSED.

In some articles Yesora and Petrus were named as companions. There's a pretty good chance that's Yesora, I'd wager.

The character on the right could be a companion ? A settler who joined the natives ? Since he looks sick like Serene's people.


@julsouri Where did you get this image?!

Wow, this is something.
If he is not companion, at least he should be major NPC/enemy.
Influence people! That's very interesting.

Perhaps he is Petrus, the other companion we haven't seen.

I do hope we get Native love interests of both genders, even if they aren't party members.

If the Natives can also get the sickness, then that pretty much ends my theory that they might get examined for a cure (can still get other brutal things happen to them though).

@Fortune86 Maybe as secret companion like Dragon Age or Jade Empire.

@Fortune86 Keep in mind how small Spiders is, temper all expectations.

I know the studio is small compared to many others, but I've also seen decent progression in their games over the years. You were able to romance eligible party members in Bound by Flame and The Technomancer, so adding a couple of non-party options shouldn't be too much of a stretch (even if the actual romance is pretty limited compared to others, like Harding or Keri).

New trailer is on the front page of this forum. Don't forget to make a comment there too!

We finally see a glimpse of Petrus. He's a guy and look like he's old man like I fear haha.

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A very short glimpse too lol.

@Fortune86 I suspect one of old man on the trailer is Petrus, since he share same helmet to Petrus on game play.