Will Greedfall succumb to exclusive deals?

I haven't been able to find Greedfall in the Steam store (even as coming soon). I am very interested in this game, but I am worried that it will fall prey to the terrible exclusivity deals that are normally a console thing. Since, imo, this is a terrible and outdated practice and really has no place in PC gaming, I am choosing to use my dollar to show publishers that I vote no to exclusivity deals, and if they sign one I won't buy their games. It does suck at times as there have been a couple games recently that I would have liked to play, but haven't purchased because of this.

Since I am very interested in Greedfall I was wondering if there was any news on it being available everywhere, or if it would succumb to an exclusivity deal. I don't want to get my hopes up now, and find out later that I'll be boycotting it.

Well, Until now all of game that publish by Focus appear on Steam too (newest title release at 14 May) . So I think it's save to assume that Greedfall will launch on steam too.

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I hope that you are right. However I look at games like Metro Exodus, which even had it's pre-order on Steam but then was pulled. I guess time will tell...

@Ben-Kenobi Excellant, thanks for the heads up! On my wishlist and waiting 🙂

Exclusivity on console means that the game will be on this one single platform forever. This is not the same as a game being multi-platform but using 1 store for the pc version. Even WWZ is epic + ps4 + xone so NOT a console-like exclusivity deal.

So it seems that players were ready to boycott this game if released on Epic? And now that the game will likely be steam only, why being happy about it? Its again only 1 store option for pc, so the same thing.

Apparently some people are simply too lazy to use several game stores, which leads to insufficient store competition and thanks to this publishers have to send 30% of their revenue to some US company that did nothing for them. Well done.

@veldrin Focus also have their own shop, so....

True. That is the one that people should use the most actually. It supports the devs and publishers who produced the content you love with a far higher share of the selling price.