A question of the PS4 US physical release language support

Hello there

Just want to ask that how many languages (Mean menu, subtitle etc.) include in the PS4 physical version. Is Chinese (Traditional and simplified Chinese) subtitle include in US version game. I know HK version has those languages, but I current live in US and I want to know if they are the same version.



Hello @zzg5148,

The simplified Chinese is available on Day one for both digital and physical versions.

@chaton It this language support only for Asia version or also include in the North America version? Because I noticed the serial number are different on PS4 between those versions, I wonder what's the difference.

As far as I know, it's for all versions.

@chaton Hello, I just noticed that there is a pre-order Bonus physical Vinyl soundtrack in some Euro countries that comes with the game. I want to ask that is this vinyl planning to release in the North America market as a separate buy or this just a Euro exclusive? Because I really like to own one myself.

Thank you.

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