Present State of Joining a Ranked Server as a Team?

This is a question that if answered in the positive will require a little instruction to help me. Can you currently simultaneously join a ranked server with friends? I am going to post these quotes from last year and maybe some body will kindly answer.

"I'm frustrated like you are! Paid for a Multiplayer game so I can play with friends and it is missing BASIC FUNCTIONALITY that has been around for a decade and WAS PART OF THE ORIGINAL INSURGENCY!?!? I've discovered if you create a party in the lobby and then use the game's "Matchmaker," to find a game then your entire party will be pulled into the game. If, however, you want to select a specific server to play on...... you're out of luck. The rest of your party will sit there staring at their screens forever, because they won't automatically join the game with you. Ridiculous."

"I echo your concern. I was extremely frustrated not being able to join a match as an entire team by selecting the server I wanted. You are FORCED to use the games "matchmaker" to find a game and then it will pull the entire team into the match with you."

At this point, without the choice of a browser menu with ranked servers to join, I would hope that this actually is possible and currently works.

I am not sure about creating a party in the lobby. I have used the "+" button on the top right with my steam friends and this will give us the same color icon in the private servers we join together. Is this the same process except whoever starts the party first must be the person to do the match maker function?

Thanks for reading.

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I placed this same question on the Insurgency Sandstorm forum on Steam and received a prompt reply. For the benefit of all, here is is:

" XXXXXXX [has Insurgency: Sandstorm] 50 minutes ago
Joining as a party doesn’t work for community servers currently. It does work for matchmaking. The party leader (person who starts the party in the main menu) queues for matchmaking.

Short answer: yes you can play ranked as a party

Also, being in a party doesn’t change the icon color. Friends show up as a different color regardless of whether or not they’re in the party."

Many thanks to Eye for his reply.