Player Abusing Vote Kick on co-op mode, has video evidence & profile link

Hi Dev team,

I ran into this group of 3 abusing vote-kicking system today. I have all the evidence recorded.
Please see details and video links below.

These are the 3 players trolling together

  1. 1st part - at 0:38 vote-kicking for TK, the guy clearly did not. "jonbat" lied in the chat to make other players vote.
    Youtube Video

  2. 2nd part - at 0:26 "jonbat" started vote-kicking me and his friend "Voyager" started vote-kicking other player. And then "jonbat" again started vote-kicking the same player his friend "Voyager" did to get it going reason was AFK but you can see the map at 0:58 that every players were clearing moving forward the objective. "Golovorez" then starts shooting the player that is being vote-kick as we can see in feed at 0:59.
    Youtube Video

  3. 3rd part - at the start I was already dead, but you can see in the feed that "Voyager" was doing damage to me. and their vote-kicking is still going on to the next player. at 0:39 "Golovorez" then starts picking on another player for their name and "jonbat" started another vote-kick, just watch the feed going all out at this point. You can hear "Voyager" in voice chat.
    Youtube Video

  4. 4th part - In case you didn't notice, he is now the last one alive and not even playing the game.
    Youtube Video

We can clearly see that this system can be abused, please do something about this.
No one deserves this kind of toxic behavior.

@rekt_moments Everything can be abused one way or another and will be at some point by someone...

just play on community servers instad dude lol