Vaulting in this game is one of the game breaking mess ups. You are forced to vault up 1ft or even lower objects. On top of that, pressing the space bar to jump to look over a wall, if the wall is short enough, will make you vault over it. Why would you want to check over a wall? Well an enemy may be there, and if there is and your character starts vaulting, well you're dead.

Also, crouch jumping isn't a glitch, it's a still and should be a part of the game. It's fast paced and efficient. This vaulting systems kills any fast pace rushing or flanking. Technically you can crouch jump in real life by bringing you knees up in mid air.

Remember your roots NWI and FHI! This game is a fast paced tactical shooter. Strategy is part of the game. Holding angles, flanking, using the map to your advantage is all part of the game!!!! And from what I have seen, you guys suppress that immensely!
There will be new players complaining that they are dieing too easily or that there is some unfair advantage, but in reality, they just haven't gotten used to the game and are not giving it a chance.

The vaulting system isn't the only noob friendly(put in place for noobs) that is ruining the overall play style of the game.

Please reconsider where this game is going. 🙂