Bots throwing molotovs in Frenzy

Bots being able to throw molotovs in frenzy makes it almost impossible. They can charge a point and throw a wall of molotovs that just completely cover an entire point.

yall make a good game mode and then go an RUIN it, dissapointed in the devs and there work fix your bugs and stop putting in new bugs! your making the game trash right after u make it good! molotovs are now thrown none stop! and you can even fix audio bugs?? they need to stop releasing new content and fix what they have!!!!!!

bots being able to throw molotovs is so stupid you had a hard and fun game so its stupid hard and i will not be playing anymore stupid stupid stupi come on devs get in gear

For more info - I was on the top floor of A in Hideout facing the road where the enemies come from (B). I was completely reachable by the oncoming enemies who threw a wall of molotovs at me. At least 3 and it looked like more.

Hello all!

This will be forwarded to the team. Thanks for your feedback!

I agree, it's far too difficult now.

Another experience on Hideout. While defending point G (the bridge) bots just spam the bridge, despite being able to reach it, with dozens of molotovs setting the entire thing ablaze and impossible to defend.