So, this is something I've been talking about for a while now, but I haven't made an actual Forum post about it. I'd like a new PvP Arcade mode, simply called "Classic". Quite simply, this mode is the equivalent of taking Ins2014 and porting it to Sandstorm, but with Sandstorm's mechanics still in place (at least, the ones that I think improve gameplay). This post won't really contain all of the details and changes I want to see; if this post gets a lot of support, I'll make a Part 2 that goes far more in-depth.

These changes include (and I'll probably add on to this, as well):

-> Identical recoil across all weapons. This includes recoil modifiers (i.e. crouching wouldn't give the player anywhere near a 40% recoil reduction).

-> Identical damage model (by default, this is a 3.0x damage increase for head/chest shots, 2.50x increase for stomach shots, 1.65x/1.60x multiplier for right/left arm shots, and a .75x/.70x multiplier for right/left leg shots).

-> The same Light/Heavy Armor model, as well as the same model for ammo carriers (so Primary/Secondary weapons start with 4/3 mags total).

-> Weapon damage reworks to match Ins2014 weapon damage.

-> The addition of AP and HP ammo types.

-> Supply cost reworks to match Ins2014's model (for instance, Foregrips costing two supply instead of three).

-> The OG Insurgency classes (Rifleman, Breacher, Specialist, Support, Recon, etc).

-> Tweaked movement speeds to match Ins2014's model.

-> Tweaked weapon ADS speed to be equivalent to Ins2014's ADS speed, and changed so that ADS time is not dependant on player weight.

-> Flashbangs will no longer reduce the affected player's mouse sensitivity.

-> The amount of recoil recovery is determined by the player's firerate and not a random number generator.

I can't think of anything else at the moment, but I'll add in more stuff that I remember or stuff from the OG Ins2 that other people bring up.

Now, some weapons aren't in Insurgency: Source, like the MP7, so I'll have to come up with something on how that's gonna be balanced. I'm also not sure what gamemode this Arcade mode would actually be on. While "Push" is iconic to the Insurgency series, I think "Skirmish" might be a better choice, since I want a mode that's based more around CQB to really test out the gunplay. The default Skirmish maps are pretty ligma, though, since they're pretty wide open and very large, so I think having a Skirmish layout on like a Firefight-sized map might work.