Plz remove the molotov from frenzy mode :(

I'm a user who used to play a lot of fun when Frenzy mode was released on a test server. It was a perfect and fun mode, but after it was officially released, the enemy AI added a Molotov. The Molotov degrade the fun of this mode out of control and only raise the level of difficulty. Especially when it was a defensive situation, the team couldn't hold out for more than 30 seconds in almost every round, and all the team members died. Please remove the Molotov cocktail from this mode as soon as possible. Let me get my favorite mode out of the nightmare.

@AskewGabriel Maybe just replace the Molotov with something else. The original intention of giving the AI Molotovs was to give them a ranged attack to use on unreachable players. However, the AI loves to throw Molotovs at players that are well within reach, and the Frenzy hotfix did little to fix this issue.

MORDHAU gives the AI the ability to throw poop at unreachable players, so I think giving the Frenzied rocks or something might work. I can already see the video title:


oh, and btw, every single bot has five molotovs

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