Night and pin point accuracy.

Hello, Developers.

Just an idea, in the night maps, you should add an option where perhaps the observers and commander/s is able to equip laser target guides, which in conjunction for CQB use, it can be used as a guiding support for precise missile target strike via air support, vice versa( leave it to the many military examples). More over for the night maps in the upcoming update perhaps, have presets where flares (throw-able or fire-able from a flare gun), can be used from either side or exclusively (your decision) one side for precise artillery or air strike or even just to light up open or small spaces for a brief moment of time during an enemy attack, forcing the night vision or thermal googles equip by the players to toggle them off. This can be used in night maps if binoculars do not suit certain environment as some maps: are confined alley ways and we might not be able to see further out if your team is in front and you are waiting to call in fire support, consequently, in the dark, on friendlies . Or even have the commander utilise the map more often interacting with it putting preset markers on the map for fast deployment of support, after the binoculars have done work of course, as the commander tends to be the forefront in the hail of bullet, eventually leading to their deaths, and of course if the map is involved perhaps accuracy increase but the radius of "firing for effect" of the fire support is decreased, hence if you use the binoculars and you spam an area for support multiple times, perhaps, over the normal rate: you would call in a hasty fire support leading to poor accuracy and a wider radius in the "fire of effect" which the air strike, strikes. And to add to a hardcore perspective if an observer is interrupted have accuracy drastically be drop leading to danger close arty fire: or alternatively, way of course arty fire(over shooting). Forcing observers to stay with their commanders as they tend to run away. Also please allow other classes to pick up the observers radio at the cost of something, say armour or explosive slots. The other classes will only be able to access the observers' radio if the observer dies. Argm.... they tend to rush off ahead.

Thanks if you read this devs. 🙂

Hey @IceReign,

Thanks for giving us this feedback regarding the upcoming night maps. I'll share this with the team!