Game breaks when you pick up a thrown enemy IED


When you pick up a live enemy IED, so that the enemy is holding the detonator and you are holding the bomb, the game breaks. This hilarious scenario is tragically ruined, because it locks your controls to the point where you cant jump, switch weapons or sprint. Thankfully a teammate put me out of my misery. I hope this can be fixed because holding a live bomb in your bare hands with the enemy potentially unaware of it, even though he is holding the trigger is one of the things that make this game special.
I asked whoever put the IED there to blow it up, but the person responded that they were unable to because they had died, which should make the IED despawn, right? Whatever the case, it bugged out.

Replay ID: ca2d020f-17d0-4d1f-a657-b170367e1ada (the relevant part starts at 15:10)
Here is the relevant part from my perspective as a Youtube video:

Also, I hope you can acknowledge issues with the hit registration. I have found myself multiple times firing half a magazine into an enemy, only for him to miraculously shoot and kill me. I wouldn't be surprised if I didn't even shoot once on his screen.

Anyway, good luck.

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Hey @ham-cucumber,

Thanks for this detailed explanation and the video! It'll be passed on to the team, so they can look into it!