Dedicated Server (Assistant) Help

Hello everybody,

I got a question and maybe it is easy to solve.

Once upon a time I found a Server Assistant among these wonderful threads deep down in the Woods of the Sandstorm Forum. (
But sadly it is not supported anymore and my best friends and I don't play Sandstorm very often since this happend.

One of the reasons is, Coop Games are full of rushers which takes the fun for us. We love to play slow and with kinda tactics, flanking etc.

Is there another Server Assistant or a possibility to easily set up a own server?

@Devs - why don't you give us the possibility to easily run our own server? Even ArmA can do it 😛

I already thank everybody who can help me and wish a wonderful day!

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it´s not really difficult and the new mutators provide a lot of stuff you can adjust the game to your liking.
for slow play you can now set it to "hardcore" easily and still have the respawn and resupply crates ...

see this guide for instance:
and this one, of course:

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