Controls request for Console versions

Hi, i'm loving the game a lot. My one gripe is with the controller camera acceleration. It's too much. If it's possible to add a slider option that would be great. It's hard to control the camera when it keeps moving after i've stopped moving the right stick.
On higher camera sensitivity it's worse. Which means i'm stuck with it on lowest sensitivity to try and get a little better control.


hey i fix this by turning the camera speed all the way down see if it helps you as well

Hello 🙂
Thank you @cupmuffin for this feedback. On what console are you playing?
Have a great one!

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Hi, i'm playing the ps4 version. Camera acceleration is very high. Like guy above said, only choice is to put sensitivity to lowest. But then i'm confined to this very slow camera turning.
Surely a camera acceleration slider could be added in a patch perhaps? Anyway apart from that, games great fun.
Also, thanks for replying Raibi. I appreciate it.