Wont open on steam

been trying for a while now and the game doesnt open on steam i get "running" then a few seconds alter im getting "synching" then nothing please help

already checked intergrity of files and reinstalled it twice

Hello Kristmas and sorry for the inconvenience.

In order to understand the source of the problem, could you extract the logs / crash dumps from you PC, please?

  1. Open Windows Explorer or File Explorer from the taskbar.
  2. Navigate to Documents > GreedFall.
  • The two game logs (engine and game) and the crash dumps are located in the silk_logs folder.

NOTE: If a crash dump has not been generated after a game crash:

  1. Navigate to Steam > steamapps > common > GreedFall > boot.
  2. Check the presence of the appconfig.txt file or create it (as a Text Document).
  3. Edit the appconfig.txt and add the line: steamdumps=0

steamdumps=0 > a crash dump is generated.
steamdumps=1 > no crash dump generated.

You can send a mail to the support@focus-home.com address. If the files are too big, you can use a file sharing site like wetransfer to upload your files, and put the link in the email.

If it doesn't work, could you try going through the FAQ to see if anything there can help you?

Keep us in touch,