Team scramble is a must (PVP)

In the start of a new map the team scramble like there was in the previous Insurgency is a must, as of now you are either stuck in the good or bad team for the entire time you are playing the game leading to this progressively until the match ends, unless you go to the menu search for a new game and hope you don't land in the same server.

I'm an experienced and i know what i'm doing, i'm just talking in behalf of the new/unexperienced players because i remember what it was like in the previous Insurgency when i joined a server and landing on the bad team where you and only one or two players were actually playing the objectives, it could get frustrating but as a new map started the teams were scrambled making things more a less even each match and you also had the team scramble vote if necessary.

I have seen this happening quite a few times indeed, new servers management makes them fill up faster since last update, but the scrambling is a new problem

Hey @PushOrGetOut

Thanks for pointing out this issue. I'll pass it on to the team!

@chaton We should really also have the option to manually switch teams IF the teams are in-balanced. A lot like Squad

I didn´t noticed any scrambling yet so I wanted to bump this one.