Grenade throwback mechanic bugs (with video)

Trying to throw away a live frag grenade has a very high chance to bug out, maybe 100% in the current build of the game. Instead of throwing the live grenade away, it becomes stuck in your character's hand, and you blow up. If you try to throw away a smoke grenade before it is fully activated, you may have your inventory freeze and become unable to switch to any of your weapons until you pick someone else's dropped weapon up off the ground.

Here is a video of the frag grenade throwback bug in effect:
Youtube Video

I have encountered these bugs 2 more times since I recorded this footage less than 1 week ago, so I won't even attempt to use the throwback mechanic again until I know it's fixed.

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Bumping this now the community manager is active

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I also noticed this, but what I noticed to fix it is: you have to hold down F longer, wait for the animation of the grenade to pull up, then let go, and the grenade is thrown as normal.

Hey @Luri,

Thanks for the video. I'll pass it on to our QA team!

The grenade will be thrown when you release the "use" key. Once you pick up the grenade you have to keep the "use" key held down until you're facing the correct direction, then release the key.

Maybe that is what you're experiencing.

BUT THEN here's yet another bug: When I release the use key, two grenades appear to be launched from my character's hand and not one! One on a high trajectory, one on a low. One is the actual grenade, the other a fake one. Good grief.