Competitive Mode: Play at your own risk!

Last night, ten of us friends wanted to play Sandstorm. Given Sandstorm's eight-player party size limit and the player population issues since the 1.4 update, we decided to form two parties of five players and play Competitive. That's the perfect solution, right? In a 5v5 mode, 10 players should have no problems finding a game. Two things happened:

  1. Matchmaking still took a hilariously long time to "find" a match, even though the playlist screen showed EXACTLY 10 players in the mode. What gives?

  2. Two players' games crashed mid-match, thus shorting each team. To add insult to injury, the players whose games crashed got penalized for leaving the match. LOL.

There really is no reason to queue for Competitive now. With the game's instability, committing to a Competitive Mode match really is a toss of the dice. You might not quit the game, but the game might still quit you.

This game is to broken for competitive, obviously. I would not touch that mode.