Push only?

I guess Im one of the few that actually liked Firefight. That said, I dont fully understand why people like Push. Doesnt seem to promote movement at all. Attackers lose in most games I've played (not all). I really liked Firefight cause it promoted people to move around the map.

Push strategy seem to only involve throwing as many smoke nades as possible and hope you can get on the point without getting shot.

You guys really enjoy push?

I like Push more than any other mode, because to me at least it feels more realistic somehow.
I don't like firefight, because it's too chaotic, and it feels like the game doesn't have any sense.
At least in push, you are actually working on gaining or loosing ground / buildings.. Kind of like an army squad would do ?
Leaving the map too open, would probably lead to spawn kill.. there needs to be a compromise.

On firefight, you cap and kill for points?
Also, that you have to wait for buddies to cap in order be respawned; make it so that you may spend more time watching other players and waiting. For me, I mostly manage to stay alive and have good fights, but from all the players I know.. This is something that annoys people, to sit and watch others..

We had Skirmish in the past, which was quite fun... and servers were populated.. But .. Somehow they removed it.. there is also a story behind that.. but .. you can read about that in other threads and sites..

Push strategy btw isn't throwing smoke and hope.. You need to work around the enemy's fire, and get shots on them as they peak you/change position/reload, etc.. Once you get to know the spots the defenders can and often use, you will also learn how to avoid them, or succesfully engage them.. It just takes time.. And on some maps good commanders and observers! (allthough most high lvl people i know, would like the helicopters gone)

From my perspective and personal opinion, Push is the feels the most realistic of all modes due to what i mentioned before.. Also, we Insurgency players like the fact that the game is punishing and hard, so guess that's why most people like Push, simply because it's hard..

Just play the maps, and get to know them, and you'll see you can have fun fighting entrenched enemies..
For me at least, the harder it is to push, the more rewarding and fun it gets to actually kill an enemy camping a building or a corner.. But that's me .. You may think different !

Hope to see you in game bro 🙂

personally, i think frontline is an improvement over push.
in push, the game starts off slow as defenders are relatively relaxed because it's the first objective. it's only during the last 1-2 objectives that the match starts intensifying and entropy takes over.

in frontline, the dynamics of defend vs attack is thrown out of the water. intense exchange of firepower immediately starts within 15 seconds of the match as players flock to the first neutral objective to gain hold of it. there are an odd number of objectives, whoever controls the neutral objective shall win the game.

but, aren't we basically back to the same problem as push?

well, the second objective after the neutral one is a pain in the a** to take. this is because not only you have to face and clear out enemy defenders as you would in push, but you also have to face players attacking you, proactively maintaining a counter offensive against your team until they take the neutral objective. intense fighting continue as both teams trade blows in the small corridors around the neutral obj.

what if you lose the neutral objective? you are forced to attack. facing enemies that are eager to defend the objective even at the cost of their K/D. now you have a team trying to attack you to secure a victory, or an entrenched enemy that refuse to budge and give you their hard-earned neutral obj.

Push is fun around the last objective. Frontline is fun all the time. Therefore Frontline > Push.

I also like the challenge alot, yea attackers lose alot, but they can definitely succeed with good teamwork.

Recently I played a game with some high ranked guy as commander, he used the team radio to 'command/lead' the team on speak and everyone listened. Like we did everything synchronized, like first we held back, then when he called in firesupport everybody charged. We captured all objectives but failed at the last cache unfortunately, it was such a cool experience tho!

Like the other guy said, it really feels realistic and intense with pinned down firefights etc. Not something you experience in the other modes, it feels unique to Insurgency, I really hope they don't ever remove this mode.

Push can also be frustrating tho when you try hard while your team sucks and has no organization whatsoever, you just die over and over. It sometimes drives me mad haha where I close the game or play another mode, mostly firefight or frontline. Yep frontline is alot of fun too and you really can't compare (and shouldn't be) it with push, it's more dynamic with smaller engagements/flanking all around the map but also less organized and more lonewolfing (not a bad thing necessarily).

I dont like domination much tho, that mode is totally unorganized, it's like randomly running around and constantly trading objectives, like you capture A and at the same time you hear "enemy has taken B!". Also a lot of ppl also focus on just kills. I have to honest tho, sometimes I play this mode too after I got mad dying too much in push, just to get some easy kills 😃 But yea, not really has an INS feel.