Sounds of getting hit are too loud

Returning to this game after like 2 months i realized how annoying the sound of getting hit is, its so loud, its even louder than the gunshot from unsupressed and supressed, it is like a cheap jumpscare, please turn down the volume of bullets hitting near you and bullets hitting you. tarkov did this well, its scary but not annoyingly loud

I think the sound in the game has too much DYNAMIC RANGE.
For the layperson, this means the difference between the quietest and loudest sounds.

Sure, in real life, there is a big difference between the sound of a footstep and the sound of a grenade going off in your ear. However, this is not real life and I wish to preserve my hearing. This massive dynamic range makes it uncomfortable (and potentially dangerous) to use headphones that are set a "normal" listening level.

At least give us an option for "headphone mode" or "night time mode", whereby the dynamic range is compressed, so we can hear what's going on without suffering hearing damage.

The radio shouts from NPCs are especially loud (eg "we're capturing Bravo" )

Please do something about it!

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just turn down the volume in the game drastically, I have it on 20%

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@Congas You can reduce dynamic range in windows aswell, if you go to your sound devices properties there is a sound enhancement tab

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