CTE nerfs to advisor class and new weapons are redundant

Another MMMMO_O brand text wall? Hell yeah. TLDR at the bottom for those of you who understandably don't care about the mind numbing process of weapon/class balance.

Well it's no major surprise that the advisor class was getting nerfed as the team had been debating removing the SVD and MK14 from the class, and we are finally seeing that in action. I'm curious to anyone who has tested the new weapons, do you feel the new 5 point advisor weapons are worth using?

To anyone who hasn't had a chance to get on the CTE yet I'm including pictures for direct reference of their statistics compared to similar weapons based on caliber, the mk14 and svd will be included to show what the class used to have.

First and foremost we have the gold standard of .308 rifles in game. The FAL! The light armor shredding rifle of your bush related nightmares. At only 4 points this weapon is the absolute bane of security forces, wielded by every rifleman who knows how the meta works.


Can 1 hit light armor to the chest and 2 hit heavy armor reliably at most distances

Now I will be comparing the new weapons to the FAL, which shares their .308 caliber. Starting with the Tavor 7, wait... why does it cost more than the FAL, have significantly more recoil, and have worse velocity and worse penetration? Did somebody mess up? Nope, this is how the Tavor is currently. Playing Advisor for good weapons is a thing of the past now!


Can't 1 hit kill light armor to the chest. Must hit at least 1 extra limb against light armored targets to result in a single hit kill. Reliable 2 hit kill to heavy armor at some distances.

Well hopefully the ACE 52 is better, oh... it's identical to the Tavor 7 in both velocity and penetration with a 5% higher firerate with respective +2 vertical/+1 horizontal recoil. Cool. So now the new 5 point Advisor weapons are statistically worse in every way to the standard rifleman FAL.


Same as the Tavor. Enough said. Just use the FAL

The new guns have the same velocity and penetration as the G3, these weapons will feel just like a G3 but with a higher firerate and SIGNIFICANTLY more recoil at no significant benefit while also being more expensive. Just use the G3 instead and save yourself the pain of trying to control horizontal recoil.


Also cannot 1 hit kill light armor without hitting a limb. The other guns have the same ballistic stats but higher firerate and way more recoil.

The SVD and MK14. The used to be god weapons of the Advisor class. Single tapping monsters, you get hit in the chest by one of these and you're probably not gonna be telling tales about it. A moment of silence for our stolen weapons...


Lacked CQB firerate but made up for it by being a consistent single hit kill to the chest. High recoil, high reward


Has a staggeringly fast automatic mode, making it a monster in CQC and more then effective at long ranges due to it's very reliable 1-2 hit kill. (Mostly 2 hit at longer ranges or shooting heavy armor weirdos)

While most of this is playful and simply to update the community on the shift of classes and their favorite weapons. Several things are going to come from this, be it better or worse.

Advisor class will likely see less play due to the lack of high tier weapons and lacking significant bonuses past the use of suppressors in certain PVP modes

Marksman class will likely see a very high influx of players using the slot to run and gun or play close to medium range with the SVD and MK14

There will be EVEN less people using the bolt action rifles and anti-material rifles to provide effective cover fire/lane control (or shoot helicopters/trucks)

Prepare to see the FAL a lot more now that the SVD and MK14 have been re-privatized to Marksman only

Oh, there's still another .308 gun you say? Oh yes, how could I forget the trash cannon that is the MK17. Just look at these terrible stats and be absolutely bewildered why the gun exists this way. At least it's cheap... I guess...


Nobody uses it except for people who like the aesthetic of it. The end

While I have your attention. Please buff the mp5's and the uzi. The weapons are useless and nothing more than memes currently. The SUPER low muzzle velocity is enough to trash these weapons, why do they have so much recoil too. They should be laser beams that are hard to use at medium to long range, in the current state they are nothing more than rifles with low muzzle velocity and super high horizontal recoil.

TLDR: Advisor class is being nerfed badly and the new guns are subpar, just play rifleman and use the FAL. Prepare for marksman class to be used solely for people to get their dopamine high with the MK14 and SVD

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The g3 and scar are amazing, they 1-2 hit kill enemies.

I will be really mad so see the mk14 and svd not usable as advisor though.

The smg's are perfectly fine.

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agree, the new weapons are plain BS.
again, the update, except for the glorious map and the mod tool, is making everything worse.
but that seems to be sort of a tradition, isn´t it?