The spawns are outrageous

On numerous occasions I will spawn, to be greeted literally 3 seconds later with a barrage of bullets. (I'm also talking about domination). When 1-3 snipers (this includes rifles with x4 scopes and such) get into good spots, it's easily spawn campable and extremely difficult for you to even start heading in the direction of a site. This has probably been complained about before and is not a super huge deal, but is annoying at the least.

Agreed. It is ridiculous!

One annoying side effect is that you don't know where you're going to spawn on the map, until you actually spawn there! Once spawned, you must quickly orient yourself and figure out where the hell you are and get to cover fast (by which time you've probably died in a hail of bullets).

On domination I think we should be allowed to choose A, B or C as our spawn point (provided we control the point of course and provided the point is not currently contested)

Spawn camping will probably be patched if you are specific as devs seems to have this as a priority.

Which map? Which gamemode? After 3 seconds standing still or outside spawn zone?

I have never been spawnkilled guys, if you wanna help the devs fix the problem, at least specify so it is possible to pinpoint the exact problem as most spawns work good.