More local play options

Hello, I enjoy this game, but I miss more configuration options when playing in Local. I think these options would be interesting:
-Play lone wolf
-NPCs follows you, at least when you are commander
-No Defend situation, except in the last objective
-Same game mode options of Coop
-Select which mods you want to use

Also other minor options, like more points, AI tweaking...

Defend situation is good. What's not good is that when you get killed, you respawn (alone, since your AI teammates got wiped and won't respawn without you) a thousand kilometers away from the now defenseless point, and only have 0.2 seconds to make it there before it's captured and you lose the game.

When losing a point, the game should :
a) End the game, since you most likely won't be able to run back to it, so why not spare yourself the time loss ?

b) Make the team respawn directly on point, just as it is when defending the last objective, only that would be for every single point of the map. Would probably make this too easy, so...

c) Make it so when you lose an objective, you simply have to capture it back, and face a counter-attack once again. This would be the most viable option in my opinion.

AI tweaking won't be necessary. They're already revamping it, for it to be ready to adapt to night maps. They said AI would be vastly improved, so wait & see, I guess.

I'm talking about options that you can select or no to play with.