Right mouse click not working in Sandstorm

After playing for a year, Sandstorm suddenly stops letting me aim using the right mouse button about half the time. I can bind it in settings, but not use it in game. I have two mice connected and it's the same for both. It's not a problem in Windows or other games.

I know there is an old thread with exactly the same issue, but there was never a solution posted.

Can anyone advise?

Hey, creating a new thread was a good call. Have you noticed this with specific weapons or is it all weapons? If deleting the settings file does not resolve the issue, you can try verifying the game cache and see if that changes anything.

It happens in all weapons and in the "forward/back" selection when spectating. In essence, it's like there isn't a right mouse button!

All files verified no problem, I'm a bit reluctant to delete my setting file as it's taken ages to get the vieod options as I wish!

I've tried two successive times tonight and I can't aim. Can you remind me which is the best .ini file to delete? Only Engine and GameUserSettings has any data.

Any ideas anyone. I'm almost at level 300 and don't want to ditch the game 😞

you didn't use coop back to the 90's by chance? I couldn't use sights only there