Engine stops without any reason PTS 7.2

When I play with my Logitech G29 steering wheel I faced with the bug that truck engine becomes off from time to time without any reason. It happens even when the truck is in auto, and L gears. RPM stall icon does not appears (like it usually happens in H). The engine just stops and start at once, as I am still pressing the gas pedal.
This bug appeared since "automatic engine off" feature for AFK players was introduced in 5.0. It also persists in live 5.1 and PTS 6.1.
Please fix it. The bug is very annoying.

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I often face that problem with the issue listed below so it might be related, sometimes the throtlle doesn't seem to know what to do.

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The problem still exists in PTS 6.3. It is a very annoying bug. Please fix it. The video is attached.
@esorokin @Jellyfoosh Also it would be nice to hear a comment from the developers is it a bug or feature.

Youtube Video

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UP, the problem still exist in PTS 7.0
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Please fix it. It is a game breaking bug. I remember you promised that there were some fixes for this, but the problem is still there.

UP, the problem still exist in PTS 7.2