Laser visuals rework suggestion

(IR)lasers often act very glitchy, it sometimes just downgrades the perception of quality of the game, example:

Also shining through objects when pointshooting etc. etc.

Making them shine in parallel with the barrel, since IR lasers are already programmed to shine from the peq unit, the point of impact needs to be shifted a few inches from the real point of impact. It can probably be calcutated with some simple algorithm, so it doesn't need to be programmed manually per gun.

Same for normal lasers, it's weird how they shine straight from the muzzle/or just points at the middle of the screen (when ads/pointshooting) which causes the glitch from the screenshot.

Also would it fix the laser glitch in 4x and 7x scopes and now properly bounce with the visual recoil. It can be used for all stances aswell (hip, ads, bipod, pointshooting). Overall it would just be more realistic and much more consistent.

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@ImTimKlonker Are you attempting to ADS in the screenshot? That's probably where the issue is. When aiming down sights in Sandstorm the bullets actually come from your eyes, not the gun, contrary to hipfire. It's to make the game generally smoother. After all, aiming over cover only to shoot the cover would be pretty infuriating.

Lasers show where the bullet's going to land. It's technically a bit unrealistic but its a necessary evil IMO. Sandstorm isn't supposed to be a milsim. That being said, the IR laser can work rather strange with all of these mechanics in play because it shows a solid beam. Try ADSing directly over a ledge or half-wall with a pistol point-shooting with an IR laser and the laser will actually shine through the cover because it has to get to the middle of your screen since that's where the bullet's gonna hit.

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@MarksmanMax Hey, yep correct, this happens when you ads behind cover, like the "center shoot mechanic" and "weapon block mechanic" are quite often out of sync. You will see the weapon block animation but the "ads center shoot mechanic" is still active. This needs work for sure and is not just a laser glitch.

You're right it's not a mil sim, but since they already have this mechanic in hipfire (which works very well and naturally) why not translate that to pointshooting aswel? (I made another topic about that btw). I don't think it will be annoying at all since you have good reference picture of where your weapon aims with the laser, if the laser works like I suggested here. With a smaller deadzone, lower recoil I bet it will work fantastically and fix a lot of issues.

For ADS I understand why it's center spawned though and that's fine although I would probably prefer the realistic approach for that too, I feel that would promote more semi auto instead of the current full auto meta. And people playing this game can easily adapt to the fact you can't head glitch and that bullets will truly leave the barrel, they know it's not call of duty.

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