As already described on Discord, I cannot add any references to my map.
I get the following error message every time. But since the .XML file is definitely in the prebuild folder, this error message doesn't make sense to me.
I have the same problem with PTS and the released version of the Editor.


I have already tried the following:

  1. deleted all references and unpacked them again
  2. I have loaded, compiled and saved some references (rebuild terrain)
  3. moved references (.xml and related folders) from their folders (usa/rus/rus3) to the main prebuild folder
  4. I have renamed the references
  5. I have created my own references

I always get the same error, it doesn't matter where the ref_name.xml I want to load is located.
The same error also occurs when I try to open a completely wrong file (.jpg, .dds, .txt, and so on) and/or a file at a wrong location (desktop).

If it is important, the path to the prebuild folder is the following on my system:
"D:\System\Documents\my games\SnowRunnerBeta\Media\prebuild"

So the path is slightly different from the normal "C:\Users\Username\Documents" path. By default Windows saves all my documents on the D:\ HDD instead of the C:\ SSD.
The editor recognizes the correct path and opens "D:\System\Documents\my games\SnowRunnerBeta\Media\prebuild" when I want to add a reference - so there doesn't seem to be a problem here either.
I have even tried to set up a new folder structure with the more common path "C:\Users\Username\Documents\my games\SnowRunnerBeta\Media\prebuild" and tried to load the xml file from there, same error.

I've already worked with the editor in Mudrunner and used references, so I'm not new to the topic, I can't find any errors.

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Edit: If I add a reference to the level_name.xml by hand, it gets loaded and shows up on my map. So the references work, the preoblem must be something with the editor not identifying the right path/.xml file.

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