PC - Long truck/trailer list not showing completely when looking at map


I’ve detected a “bug” : when you have a lot of trucks and/or trailers on a map, and not a big screen, you cannot see the complete list of trucks/trailers in the map. You cannot scroll down the list, so the bottom part of the list is never displayed.
I will take a screenshot next time I play the game.

Additionally, a bug that may be related : on the same map with the same high number of trucks/trailers, I wanted to call back a UAZ A469 to my position. Unfortunately, this truck was at the bottom of the list. Not a big deal : I found the UAZ on the map and right-click on it to call it back. However, the truck never spawned to my position and I had a message stating “something is blocking” so the UAZ could not be spawned to my position. I tried moving my big truck, but the A469 could not be called : always the same message.

I switched to another big truck on a “parking lot”, and again, the UAZ could not be called in that location even though there was plenty of room to call it.

I tried calling back a A968m, and it did spawn correctly. That A968m was in the top part of the truck/trailer list.

So maybe the fact that the A469 was not visible in the trucks/trailers list (because at the bottom of the list) prevented it to be spawned ?

Thank you for you support, keep up the good work !

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Not sure it is really needed, but here is the screenshot of the trucks/trailers list that is not entirely displayed because too long:


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