PTS Update 24/08/2020 (Update 8)

anyone also has a black screen on michigan maps? The same appears on the live version

NO custom wheel support for PC. After all this time ??

I have Thrustmaster T500
I have a Thrustmaster shifter
I have Fanatec Clubsport v3 pedals,
I have Thrustmaster hand brake,

I would like to be able to use them, after all every single driving game I have works very well with all of them.
I can't play this game with my gear. (Wheel only)

I did pay for the seasons pass. I'm beginning now to regret making this purchase.


To be honest you guys should have included these fixes and addition in patch 9, we need to start getting into phase 2 if this is the end to phase 1

@mastercap Over 30 days after this thread was made, still no phase 2 on PTS, guess the thought of getting it before 2021 was foolhardy lol.

Reinvigorating the old mine
first half is complete
upper right of screen where it is supposed to give me delivery info i have this message


It won't unlock next half . I am stuck please help .