Ps4 operations crash

Choosing your first operation. close to 100%
after picking your op it transfers to the base set up and infamy screen then crashes out of game. After a few crashes it corrupts the save and gang is no longer loadable. It has also deleted my story progress with it.
Currently unable to create a new gang as it has a corrupted save error and sends you back to main menu.
I can see no corrupted file in data just my old gang save which is no longer accessible.

Hey, sorry to hear about that.

Were you playing the very first Operation or antoher one, where you selected your difficulty? If it's the second case, what difficulty did you choose?
Also, on what platform are you playing?

Sorry again and thanks for reporting this issue.

Playing on ps4 second operation think its infamy as the crash occurs on the next page after selecting difficulty.
When it corrupts the data it stays on the infamy/base selection slightly longer.

I’m having the same problem. On PS4, after the first operation (easy), I try to select another (any difficult other than easy), and the game crashes in the Infamy screen.

So you know, my game is crashing out too, different point. It crashes every time during the very first part of the Goliath story mission. Crashes the whole PS4 into a restart.

Also, when creating a gang, my whole screen locked when I tried to retire an example gang I made.

And...and there is an and...I can home screen to PS 4 out of most screens in your game. Which means when number 2 happened above, I had to restart my PS4.

These seem to be pretty hard core glitches. Is there an update coming soon? Because I feel I can't really play any mode in this game right now.

120 hours of game play on this since the 8th I have 0 Game progress I lost 2 games i spent 30 hours on and I lost my story mode save at least 15 times trying to clear story mode. I am going to try and be polite and minimize what i type in here because I could write an entire book.

1st Point:
Whoever decided auto save was a good idea for this game should be fired. Dumbest idea ever. No offense I am trying to be polite when I am typing this but I could complete go off like a sailor with my mouth on how bad the release of this game has started out. The bugs the game currently has should not exist in an open beta test. I would be hard pressed to say it should exist past an alpha test. Whoever let that get past alpha testing should hire new testers. Cause if i worked for you id tell you that if you released the game like that you risk losing the trust of your gaming community before you even have one.

2nd Point:
Who ever is in charge should immediately pull anyone working on any aspect of the game off it and have them all focused on removing the auto save feature as if it should have been removed on the 9th of September and getting a manual save feature into replace it. Its 8 days over due currently and costing you potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars. You wanna make money off the game and turn it into potentially the next product like League of Legends or World of warcraft. Fix the bug and then apologize to your player base with something of value like a free dlc content patch when your first dlc for a new gang comes out. I am the kind of player that I dump 300+ on games if the content is worth it and the company shows that it appreciates its player base and listens to them.

Free DLC content for players on the first gang added to the game should be a minimum apology to anyone who had purchased the game prior to the bug being corrected.

3rd Point:
Seperate the content for story mode saves and Gang creation saves so at least if they do over lap and 1 becomes corrupted a person does not lose all there progress in 1 version vs the other version of the game. Have developers work on coding that allows the gang creation check the other game progression file for achievement purposes with infamy it would make more sense. Again from a development stand point having 1 file potentially lose all of a players progress is a great way to make that person feel really bad about losing all there crap because of 1 bug outside there control. If your concerned about people saving the game and then testing multiple routes to win on a map make the match restart if the game crashes at least then your players are not mad because they lost all of there work replaying 1 operation or 1 chapter is far less impactful than losing everything.

Assuming the project actually matters to your development team and you dont want a reputation as a company of being the next EA Games where no one trusts any product you release. Listen to your players as a company if I was in your shoes id say to myself I want to be the next Squaresoft, Blizzard, Riot Games or Capcom and actually listen to what people tell you on the forums when the feedback is constructive. Put yourself in there shoes would you want to lose everything you worked for because of something you had no ability to do anything about at all? Not every piece of feedback is worth your time. But hopefully someone there takes the time to read this and actually gets it to someone who can actually do something with it. Because your players should matter to you.

I am also still having this problem almost 15 days after its been reported to you. It has made this game unplayable. I loved Mordheim one of my favorite games ever. I was really stoked to play this game. I don't really give two craps for the story on a game like this. I just want to customize my gangs and do operations which i am unable to do because the constant crash when choosing my first operation of any gang. It doesn't matter what difficulty or gang it always crashes if this was on steam i would refund it. I will most likely never buy one of your games again. Its disgusting that you allowed the game to be released in such a sad state. I dont know what happen between Mordheim and this game but you guys lost me as a customer because i still have not seen one update or patch to even try and remedy the situation

I have the same issue on PS4 game crashes after completing first operation can we please have a update on this issue


@Toke8 patch for PC went live last week. Xbox and PS4 update should go live some point this week. I'm hoping it fixes the issues but I doubt it will 100% fixed. Still a lot of work to do. Especially AI not being as dumb as a rock.

On ps4 go to operations screen, press touch pad, click the +, back out after it shows friend list, start your operation. Works 100% for me. I do it before starting missions every time also. Tries to read something from friends list/network and probably hits uninitialized variable and crashes but this probably sets it.

Hopefully patch fixes it.

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